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I came for a bad reaction to a new medication; my body was swelling very fast, and I was unsure what was going to happen. The staff came right in and made all of my fear and worry go away.

D.B. | October 2013

I could not have received better health care. Dr. Headden was extremely kind and concerned. I will use Nason Medical Center in the future if I need medical care outside of my family doctor, although I hope I never need you again. This goes for my wife, also. She was really impressed. You have made friends for life. Thanks!

J.M. | October 2013

The office is very clean, and we were greeted with a smile. They called us back fast and knew beforehand his medical history so I did not have to tell it all over again. Dr. Kevin was very prompt in addressing our concerns, he did not over talk us as some doctors elsewhere do. The nurse was very friendly to my son who was being seen as well as our other child. She offered us drinks and made sure the kids were happy even though my son was scared, she was very helpful in... J.M. | October 2013

Naturally, as a man, I thought I was dying due to the pain. Truth be told, I thought I was having a stroke. Nason Medical was PERFECT, cared for and treated me with respect! I was diagnosed correctly and every time I drive by I bless myself!!

G.H. | October 2013

I visited the Rivers Avenue location late in the evening. From the front desk to CT scan to in room medical staff, without hesitation I can say this was the most pleasant experience I have ever had at any medical facility anywhere. It turned out my appendix needed to be removed ASAP. The staff notified the hospital of my impending arrival and had them take me into surgery immediately upon arrival. You have superior quality staff and a refreshing facility. I have since... D.K. | September 2013

I first learned from my neighbor about her positive experience with Nason Medical. Then, I took my daughter to Nason when she was sick, and she and I were extremely pleased. Recently, I accidentally cut my hand, requiring stitches, and I went to Nason and found the facility and staff TOP NOTCH!

J.M. | August 2013

Thankfully I have very limited hospital experience because I rarely get sick. I've always heard great things about Nason and when I had an unbearable pain in my arm Friday I knew right where to go. Everyone I came into contact at Nason was very nice and professional. Sadly these days it seems hard to find someone who genuinely cares. Obviously I hope I don't have to come back often but I wouldn't dream about going anywhere else now.

C.K. | August 2013

Thankfully I have very limited hospital experience because I rarely get sick. I've always heard great things about Nason and when I had an unbearable pain in my arm Friday I knew right where to go. Everyone I came into contact at Nason was very nice and professional. Sadly these days it seems hard to find someone who genuinely cares. Obviously I hope I don't have to come back often but I wouldn't dream about going anywhere else now.

J.M. | August 2013

Great service while I was waiting to be seen by the doctor. Someone checked on me throughout the visit to make sure everything was fine and to learn if I needed anything. The doctor showed great concern and care.

L.T. | July 2013

I had just moved to South Carolina and was feeling very sick after starting my new job. The staff was very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. I was tended to quickly and within an hour I had x-rays, a diagnosis and prescription to help me get through my illness. I couldn't have asked for a better experience, especially since it was only my first week in the area. 

C.E. | May 2013

I used the Android App to preregister and was contacted within minutes of pressing submit. Brittany was fantastic both on the phone and in person. I was seen within minutes of arriving and received excellent care. My diagnosis was thoroughly explained and questions fully answered. The treatment I received was beyond reproach! Thank you!

W.C. | May 2013

I have had nothing but good experiences with Nason Medical. I especially like having everything done in one place, on the spot. No running around to have blood drawn or x-rays done. The entire staff is very courteous, friendly and professional.

Anonymous | April 2013

Nason Medical Center is THE place to go to get in and out. They make other offices look dated and out of touch. Wi-Fi? Check! Comfy seats? Check! Snacks? Yepper! All staff from the front desk to the physicians are customer oriented.

P.P. | March 2013

Really amazed at the flow that went through that place. I've been through quite a few medical treatments and it's amazing how quickly things can get jammed up at a hospital. And it wasn't like that at Nason's. Very impressed with the flow of admitting through checkout.

S.S. | February 2013

Tremendous service, patient oriented, and (based on past experience) exceptional value. What 21st century care should be at very reasonable price.

Anonymous | January 2013

Another quick, seamless, positive experience at Nason. Checked in, got a lab test, met with a physician, got shots and literature explaining the diagnosis, and checked out, all in well under an hour.

M.P. | December 2012

I was at Nason twice in almost 24 hours. Once for myself and once for my 5 year old child. Both my experiences with them were outstanding. I was in and out in a timely manner; my visit took less than 45 mins. The medical staff is very thorough and friendly. There's always a staff member checking in on you to make sure you don't need anything. I would definitely choose Nason over any ER!! They are amazing....

Anonymous | November 2012

I chose Nason over my regular doctor because I could walk in, be seen and treated in a one-stop-shopping location. I believed x-rays would be taken (they were) and they were done in an adjoining room. No need to leave the office, go to a hospital or other site for the x-rays and then return to the doctor's office for a second visit. Nason is my choice for non-routine medical care.

F.A. | November 2012

This was the best experience I have EVER had at a walk-in clinic. From the moment I approached the reception desk to the time I left I felt comfortable. I was treated with respect, concern and the professionalism was outstanding. I will highly recommend Nason Medical to anyone that I know that would need medical attention while visiting the Charleston area and I would come to this clinic again without hesitation should the need arise. Thank you for making my medical... R.M. | September 2012

Thank you for speedy, efficient and kind service and attention! My husband was the patient but I came in with him and the staff was phenomenal! We arrived at 7:30 on a Friday and were greeted with smiles, patience and sincerity. Everyone took great care of us. Thank you!

Anonymous | August 2012

Outstanding service, professional personnel, very kind and helpful. Visiting NASON MEDICAL CENTER was a very pleasant experience, a very good experience. I was very ill and needed help. I asked my co-worker where I should go and she said that she had a very good experience at Nason and suggested that I go there too. I had a wonderful doctor and all the staff was very kind. Now, we tell everyone to go there! We've sent 5 people to go there. Nason can make you better!

S.B. | July 2012

The staff at Nason Medical Center is extremely attentive and professional. My mother ran hospitals for 25 years and I could not wait to tell her about my experience. I was impressed by getting in and out so quickly without a long wait. Everyone on the staff was very friendly and accommodating. What makes Nason so fantastic is that if you have to have an echocardiogram or an MRI or anything, it's all right there under one roof and that's huge. Thank you all very much for... W.A. | June 2012

I came in with a serious injury that could have included a fractured spine, after having fallen off a ladder. I went to Nason in N. Charleston and the folks were very professional and friendly. After an x-ray and a CT Scan the images were electronically sent to a orthopedist in Myrtle Beach. It was determined that I had 3 fractures to the pelvis. The doctor explained what I needed to do and what to expect painwise. Most people would not expect me to go to Nason for... Anonymous | September 2012

I went to Nason Medical Center at Midland Dr. and Ladson Rd. today and I am happy that I did. It is truly rare when you get what you're told you'll get in a timely manner and and leave feeling that you got more than you paid for. This is how all businesses should be operated. Good job Nason Medical. We give Dr. Nason a "10" on the Atta Boy scale...!!!

B.C. | September 2012

My mother visited your Mt. Pleasant center on Jan. 8 at about 2PM. She was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, which was found by your clinic. Your service was EXCELLENT!! Wait time was null. Things were constantly rolling. Staff was great and all the comforts to make your wait bearable ie, snacks, drinks, internet, tv. Thanks a million. Even the transfer to Roper was great. ER, never again. I wish you guys would build one in Columbia, SC!!

A.D. | January 2012

Last November you guys saved my son's life. He came in on his 10th birthday and was diagnosed with Kawasaki's disease. The doctor there was extremely fast and sent us to MUSC Children's Hospital. I will be forever thankful.

T.W. | April 2012

Nason Medical Centers are state-of-science urgent care providers for the ill or injured locations with physicians in Mt. Pleasant, James Island, Summerville and North Charleston. At Nason, you can expect prompt and expert care at a fraction of the cost of an emergency room visit. There is no need for an appointment, walk-ins are always welcome.